We’ve put together a massive list of infosec / compsec resources for your reading pleasure.

By on Nov 2, 2013 in Blog

SCWOA has launched a new free reference site – called Deploy6 – for people serious about their security, or would just like to know more about security issues in general.

There’s lots of links and publications to peruse, especially if you’re curious about some of the US government legislation that affects how security (should be) handled by organizations in possession of your private data.


Our list of resources on Deploy6 includes:

  • Downloadable security reports
  • Security technology buying guides
  • A variety of interesting podcasts
  • Video libraries
  • Whitepaper libraries
  • Infosec / compsec Security Magazines
  • Security templates, policies, and frameworks
  • Privacy / security awareness organizations
  • Best practices and guidelines
  • US Government initiatives
  • Vulnerability and incident databases
  • Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (or ISACS)

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