There are several components to a system vulnerability assessment, which can be included in an overall assessment program. Depending on the security needs of your organization, these can be almost infinitely fine-tuned according to your requirements. These include in whole, or in part:

  • System Vulnerability Scanning
  • Web Application Security
  • Computer Security
  • Network Security
  • Business Security


System Vulnerability Scan

This type of scan involves using a vulnerability scanner to test computers, computer systems, networks, and / or applications for security weaknesses. Generally this is done as a form of security reconnaissance, so that we can understand and assess how and where your systems can be exploited.

There are a variety of vulnerability scanners available today, which can scan entire systems or very specific components / protocols used in a system. For example there are scanners that try to find network vulnerabilities, check open ports, and see what people can do actually with your web applications.


Purpose of a System Vulnerability Scan:

The information produced from such a scan, can be used to determine IF and WHERE someone can gain unauthorized access to your computer systems, and any information contained within those systems.

Further efforts will then need to be taken to either close, or minimize these vulnerabilities so they cannot be exploited (or if this is impossible, at least make it as difficult as possible).

Generally speaking (and depending on your needs) – a system vulnerability scan may include addressing your web application security, computer security, network security, and / or business security.

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