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If you are having an IT security emergency – please contact us immediately.

1-888-256-3873 – or info1 [ at ]


As the name suggests – Incident Response is about quickly responding to a security breach, or a security breach in progress. Many organizations depend on having their services available at all times – therefore few businesses can afford to be taken out of commission for any significant time.

Some breaches / attacks are more subtle. While your servers and services may still be working (albeit slower) – sometimes all you will see is some suspicious network activity that cannot be accounted for in your normal operations. In these cases, it is always wiser to call us and check – rather than “wait for it to go away”.

SCWOA offers organizations a fast and specialized response to any IT security issue:

  • Network intrusions and other suspicious network activity
  • Data compromise or theft
  • Malware, DDoS, and other network attacks


What if my network has been breached / sensitive data has been compromised – but there is no indication that suspicious activity is continuing?

At this point the best thing to do is call a security specialist. Our job at this point is to:

  1. Assess and contain the damage e.g. “plug in the holes”
  2. Assess what has happened e.g. what was stolen / compromised
  3. Determine how it happened e.g. data forensics
  4. Cooperate with the authorities as is required or expected

Even if the attack / breach is no longer in process – it is VERY important that you call an IT security specialist IMMEDIATELY so you can restore your system security integrity ASAP.


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