Freebies and Reminders

Free posters to help remind people about their computer & information security training, and other good security behaviors.

Many organizations have a computer / information security policy – yet on many occasions people will forget their training or otherwise not follow the established guidelines.

You can download and print these PDF posters, so you can distribute them around the office – and offer a friendly reminder to people without hassling them.

These posters are designed to printed at standard letter size (i.e. on any normal printer) and can usually be printed at 11″ x 17″ without significant loss of quality.

If you have any suggestions for new posters that we could develop, feel free to contact us and we’ll get one produced.


Poster 1: Using Pass Phrases is More Secure than Passwords

Download Poster (PDF)

Poster 2: The Top 50 Most Common Passwords

Download Poster (PDF)


Poster 3: Remember to Logoff All Services

Download Poster (PDF)


Poster 4: Always Check Before Installing Any New Software

Download Poster (PDF)


More Free Posters Coming Soon