We are often asked about our information security and IT support methodology – so we have accordingly put together an overview of the framework we use to provide our services. So that you can gain at least a basic understanding of what we do when we are called in for assistance.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Every organization is unique because each organization is set up differently, and accordingly every IT system is configured differently.
  • Every security breach is unique, because of the sheer number of variables to consider in each individual case.
  • Our level of involvement in each case depends on the client. Some steps are mandatory e.g. repairing breaches and any associated damage. While others are generally recommended e.g. removing vulnerabilities elsewhere in the network to ensure breaches are much harder to accomplish in the future.

Bearing all this in mind – the methodologies below describe a standard “textbook” case from start to finish. Including recommended steps that go beyond the technological equivalent of just “putting a Band-Aid on it”.


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